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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Governors Sports Premium Report Autumn 2017


As you know, from September 2013 the government has allocated funding directly to primary schools to help in the provision of PE in the school. This year the government has given each school £16,000 plus £10 per pupil which has meant that at Greenwood we have received £20,670. This funding is helping us to develop and deliver PE. Using a part of this funding, we are continuing develop our PE with the support of Willow Tree School Sports Partnership.

As a school we aim to give every child the opportunity to enjoy developing their physical and sporting ability, to encourage them to live an active lifestyle throughout their life. We aim to use this funding to have a maximum impact on the children attending Greenwood.

We will use this funding by encouraging all stakeholders in the following ways:


  • We feel that by improving the confidence of our staff in the delivery of high quality PE lessons, is the most effective and efficient way for the funding to have a long lasting and positive effect on the future learning and physical development of all the children within our school

  • To purchase high quality PE equipment to help deliver all PE lessons across the school

  • To increase the access to a range of intra-school sports by the use of House Captains and Sports Ambassadors 

  • To increase the participation in inter-school sports as part of the Willow Tree Schools Sports Partnership so that all children will be interested and engaged

  • To continue to introduce a wider range of playground games at break and lunchtime by the introduction of playground marking

  • Children(Y5) are trained to lead playground games in KST1 (with support from SSCo)

  • To continue buying into existing local sports networks, including Willow Tree Sports Partnership

  • To develop links with outside agencies to deliver high quality sports clubs

  • To appoint a Sports Apprentice to help support and deliver PE lesson across the school

  • A culminating school sports day at the end of each academic year


So far, this year we have used the Premium as follows:


  • £995.00 for the two Team GB athlete presentations;
    I had been involved in organizing a visit from two Team GB members (Nicola Hibbert, Gymnast and Marilyn Okoro - 4x400m World/European/Olympic bronze medallist). The Athletes worked with all the classes from Y1 to Y6. The children had a try at the sports and a chance to question the athletes and have pictures taken with them.

  • £3000.00 stock replenishment

  • £5250.00 Renewal of SSCo Willow Tree


I plan to spend from this year’s budget, at the moment:


  • Employing a Sports Apprentice from Jan 2018 £100 per week

  • Erection of a Gate giving us access to Wood End Academy playing field approx. £1000

  • A whole school inset on Real Gym 16/04 £1374.00 including resources for all teachers

  • Additional use of funds as and when needed.


Also, we have surveyed Y6 pupils about who could swim 25m unaided. Out of 85 children, 58 could achieve this (78%)



  • Teachers to use available CPD (delivered by Willow Tree) to improve curriculum teaching of physical education and running own clubs

  • The purchase of new equipment being used effectively to support teaching and break and lunch playtime use

  • Increase the range of afterschool clubs offered to encourage participation

  • Participation, to a range of pupils, for intra and inter school competitions

  • Learning walks during physical education lessons by co-ordinator and SLT member.

  • Data collected for pupils' participation in extra-curricular clubs.
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