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Attendance - Late/Absence Procedures




Regular attendance is vital and is monitored and reported on according to statutory regulations.


The Department for Education has set a target of at least 96% attendance for each child and we expect every child to achieve at least that from Nursery onwards.


Attendance and attainment are directly related and therefore it is essential that children should attend school every day.


All absences MUST be reported, please call the school on the day of the absence.


Please call 0208 422 9630/0208 864 7265 and select the department your child is in and then option 1. Please leave a clear message.


Alternatively select option 4 if you would like to discuss the absence with someone.


All unexplained absences are counted as “unauthorised” and we are obliged to report these to the Local Authority and the D.f.E


If your child has a medical, dental or hospital appointment which cannot be avoided during term time then please let the school office know. The school office will advise you on whether your child should come to school before and/or after the appointment.


If your child is unwell in the morning but during the school day becomes better, please bring them to school.


Holidays during term time will not be authorised under any circumstances. However, it is recognised that, in exceptional circumstances, leave of absence may have to be taken in term times. Permission in these circumstances needs to be discussed prior to taking leave with the Headteacher.


If you wish to request any leave, you will need to put this in writing and send to the school office.

Attendance Levels

99% & 100%



96% - 99%

Very good and at expected level

Keep it up!


91% - 95%

Careful - Your child cannot afford to have any more time off.

Try and get the % higher as the year goes by and the weather warmer.

If not - they could begin to struggle in their learning and will not achieve the progress they are capable of.

Do you really want them to fall behind in their learning?

Below 90%

This is the new threshold.

If you child’s attendance is below 90% - your child is NOW known as a

P.A. Persistent Absentee


85% - 90%

This is completely unacceptable

Your child has possibly missed up to 30 days of school.

This is 6 weeks worth of learning


  Below 50%

If you child’s attendance is below 50% - your child is NOW known as a

Severely Absent


The LA can issue a fine to you if you do not get your child to school. As a parent / carer it is your responsibility to do this.



Give your child the start in life they deserve & bring them to school



Should my child go to school today?