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Remote Learning - Google Classroom

We are are now using Google Classroom to enable all of our pupils to access weekly homework and to learn from home for periods of whole school closure. 


Every child has a unique login to the Classroom.


Google Classroom is a safe and secure solution for children to access learning materials directly from their class teachers; a location in which they can collaborate with their peers by sharing useful websites and tips to completing assignments; a hub to allow blended learning direct from their school classrooms into the comfort of their own homes.

By clicking the icon below, you will be taken directly to the Google Classroom webpage. On the right, you will see an option to sign-in. Once in, you will be in your class page which will have learning that children need to complete if they are self-isolating at home.

Information on Greenwood's Remote Learning Offer

​​​​​​Protocol for Google Meet


Please note: These sessions are for children only




  • Should not unmute when the teacher has muted the whole class
  • Do not speak /join the meet. Parents have responsibility to make sure students not only attend, but follow the correct protocols.
  • Must be fully dressed and not in their nightwear while attending their sessions
  • Help your child set up and access the Google meet lesson using the link posted.


  • Should find a suitable quiet environment for example in a shared part of the house.
  • Make sure that your child joins the meetings on time



  • Keep their language and interaction appropriate
  • Ensure your child is appropriately dressed. We would expect pupils to be dressed as though it was a non-uniform day
  • Are expected to attend all teacher scheduled meets
  • Ensure other family members are appropriately dressed and out of the camera shot and do not contribute to the video call.
  • Always make sure they leave the meet and double check, get in the habit of closing your laptop when not in use, to prevent the camera from working regardless.
  • Discuss with your child the appropriate way to behave in the meeting.
  • Are prohibited from recording or capturing/screen grabbing content from the video call.


  • Please DO NOT film the session on another devices this is a safeguarding and GDPR issue.
  • All queries that are work related can be uploaded on the stream.



  • Parents need to call/email the school regarding non-work related queries.

Google Classroom Letter

Parents Guide to Google Classroom 2020

GoogleClassroom #GoogleClassroomGuide #GoogleClassroomTutorial Feel free to use this presentation: