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At Greenwood School we consider your children’s emotional development to be as important as their academic achievement. Most children have times when they are worried, angry or sad and this makes it difficult for them to learn. Ten years ago the school began a partnership with the Place2Be charity and since then many children and their parents have benefited from the service it provides.


Place2Be is a national children’s charity working in 600 schools across the United Kingdom. Place2Be provides counselling and mental health support in schools by providing a safe space, the Place2Be room, where children can express their feelings through talking, creative work and play.


Place2Be helps build children’s confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to cope with difficult life events, establish friendships and focus in class. This in turn makes school a happier place to be for all the children and the school staff.


The Place2Be School Project Manager at Greenwood School is Katie Frost. She is in school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week. If you would like to find out more about Place2Be at Greenwood, you can contact Katie on 020 8422 9630.


As part of our mental health support for the whole school, Place2Be is proud to offer advice and resources for families. The Place2Be Family Practitioner at Greenwood School is Musa Madden. Any parent or carer can also access the Parenting Smart website, which offers free practical advice on a range of topics including bullying, the transition to secondary/high school, meltdowns and sleep difficulties. Visit to learn more about these free resources from Place2Be. If you would like to speak to the Place2Be family practitioner, please contact Katie on 020 8422 9630.